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About the Network

This page provides information about the Network. The Network has a Board of Trustees who are nominated by the membership - you may view the full list of our current Board of Trustees at the link below:

Board of Trustees

Aims of the Network

A summary of the aims of UKCEN

  • To promote the development of ethics support in clinical practice in the UK
  • To promote a high level of ethical debate in clinical practice
  • To facilitate communication between all UK clinical ethics committees

What does the Network do?

A brief description of the history of UKCEN and what it does to support clinical ethics in the UK.

The UK Clinical Ethics Network was established in January 2001 to provide support for the growing number of clinical ethics committees and groups that were developing in National Health Service Trusts and some private hospitals in the UK.

The Network is made up of members of clinical ethics committees and clinical ethics groups, and individuals with an interest in clinical ethics.

Baroness Greengross is Patron and a Board of Trustees oversees its development and academic and administrative support is currently provided by Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick.  This support includes maintenance and development of the UKCEN website.

The Network provides support and information for established committees and for Trusts considering setting up a committee. It publishes a regular newsletter and organises an annual conference on clinical ethics.

The Network also facilitates sharing of information and best practice between clinical ethics committees and groups, through electronic communication, discussion papers and workshops.

If you would like to register a committee then please complete the registration form.