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Educational Resources

Practical Guide to Clinical Ethics Support

Section I: Some useful websites

UK Clinical Ethics Network
This site offers additional information to the manual. The site contains the contact details of clinical ethics committees throughout the UK, categorised into the CECs geographical area and the issues the CEC commonly discuss. There is also information on Committee Functions, with examples of policies that have been formed by CECs and methods of case consultation.

The site also contains information on the most common issues faced by CECs, such as consent and confidentiality, with explanations of the legal position, professional guidelines, hypothetical case studies and suggested reading.

A searchable catalogue of internet sites covering all areas of biomedical ethics. The recommended sites have been reviewed to ensure their suitability for this useful resource.

British Medical Association
As well as useful information about the many roles of the BMA, this site has extensive details of the activities of the BMA Ethics Committee, with the full documents of many of the ethical guidelines produced by the Committee.

Bulletin of Medical Ethics
An independent publication offering views on healthcare ethics issues in the news, both in the UK and abroad.

Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society
This site is based at the Cardiff Law School and is a very useful resource for policy makers, and researchers with educational information, a comprehensive database of international useful links and articles.

Department of Health
This section of the website contains the publications by the Department of Health; nearly all the publications are available electronically and are categorised alphabetically into the subject area.

General Medical Council
This site contains more general information about the GMC, but it also has a good section on ethical guidance. The full documents of the Guidance on Good Practice are available.

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
The HFEA is the UK statutory body that regulates, licences and collects data on fertility treatment, IVF, donor insemination and human embryo research. The web site contains useful information about the Authority, patient information leaflets, code of practice and details of the HFEA publications.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A searchable encyclopedia of philosophical theories and thinkers with a good section on ethical theory. The site covers approaches to ethical thinking including virtue theory, dentology, consequentialism and utilitarianism.

Journal of Medical Ethics
The official journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics. The web site contains a lot of useful resources, as well as original articles and case conferences the site also contains a supplement produced in 2001 dedicated to clinical ethics committees at There is also an archive of articles categorised by the main topic at making searching for specific subject areas simpler.

Provincial Health Ethics Network
The website of the Provincial Health Ethics Network (PHEN) for Alberta, Canada provides education and resources for developing and existing ethics support.

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