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Practical Guide to Clinical Ethics Support

Section A: Appendices

Appendix A1 A first hand account of the expreience of ethics support in the United States.

Appendix A2 Clinical ethics committees and ethics consultation in German hospitals

Appendix A3 Issues for a CEC to consider when developing guidelines.

Appendix A4 The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust Clinical Ethics Advisory Group (CEAG) living wills.

Appendix A5 List of issues to consider when setting up a case consultation service.

Appendix A6 Protocol for emergency referrals to a clinical ethics committee.

Appendix A7 Report on the findings from the UK Clinical Ethics Network questionnaire, May 2003.

Appendix A8 Role of a clinical ethicist.

Appendix A9 Setting up a mental health trust clinical ethics committee.

Appendix A10 An example of a workshop outline used by one NHS Trust.

Appendix A11 Example terms of reference.

Appendix A12 Issues to consider when appointing lay members.

Appendix A13 An example of a proposal to a trust board for the setting up of a CEC.

Appendix A14 Pro forma referrals form.