Editorial Board

Current members of website editorial board:



Richard Ashcroft, Professor of Bioethics Queen Mary University of London

Alastair Campbell, Professor of Bioethics National University of Singapore

Mike Parker, Professor of Bioethics University of Oxford

Bobbie Farsides, Professor of bioethics and clinical ethics, Brighton and Sussex Medical School



Charles Foster, Barrister and Associate Fellow, Ethox Centre, University of Oxford

Jose Miola, Senior Lecturer Medical Law, University of Leicester

Richard Huxtable, Reader in Medical Law University of Bristol



Anneke Lucassen, Professor of genetics, University of Southampton

Vic Larcher, Consultant paediatrician and clinical ethicist Great Ormond Street Hospital

Julian Hughes, Consultant in old age psychiatry and honorary professor of philosophy and ageing


Lay members

Sarah Barclay, Founder of the Medical Mediation Foundation

Hazel McHaffie, Author and former Research Fellow in Medical Ethics



Stella Reiter-Theil, Professor of medical ethics and clinical ethics University of Basel

Reidun Forde, Professor of Medical Ethics and Director Centre for Clinical Ethics University of Oslo

Guy Widdershoven, Professor of Bioethics, Free University of Amsterdam