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Covid-19 Pandemic

This page is currently being built, and links will be live very soon, please bare with us.

The COVID 19 pandemic is a medical emergency, an extreme economic burden and a powerfully real clinical ethical challenge. The UKCEN is looking to support clinical ethics committees (CECs) at this time. A key issue is resource allocation. We would advocate consistency, transparency and justice in resource allocation across all cases. Justice includes fairness, formal justice and procedural justice amongst other dimensions.

To help with this;

1. There are some key resources here. These have been collected by work from the UKCEN Board as a whole.

2. The UKCEN is working not only to support the work of currently active CECs, but also to support rapid development of new ethics committees given the current situation. If this is something that is of interest, please see here. [CEC DEVELOPMENT PAGE]

3. We are looking at developing a way to share cases across the network and provide additional views on cases to support CECs. Please see here. [CASE SHARING PAGE]

4. Where possible, we hope that existing CECs can help support those institutions without CECs at this difficult time. If formal support is required, then the institution hosting the supporting CEC will need to approve CEC involvement, given the potential for legal ramifications.

5. The UKCEN will be looking to provide updates through its twitter feed @UKCEN, as well as this website.

Raj Mohindra, Chair UKCEN
Kiran Jani
Elizabeth Thomas
Anne-Marie Slowther
Richard Huxtable, Vice Chair UKCEN
Rami El-Shirbiny
Anne MacNiven
Sara MasonAndrew Stanners
Karen Le Ball
Giles Birchley
John Bridson
Adrian Robertson
Rex Poulson

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